Summer updates

Well, it has been a busy summer so far here at Towson, despite research being a little slower than usual.

First, both Tim and Katie successfully defended their MS theses, within a week of each other, so congratulations to both of them. They did a great job in their defenses. Stay tuned for forthcoming papers and presentations. Katie is headed to the University of Chicago in the Fall to pursue her PhD.

Second, the lab has some new papers coming out. We have become interested in the feeding strike kinematics of praying mantises and our first paper examining the amount of variation in the components of the strike is in press at Journal of Experimental Biology. I will write more about the paper in a separate post shortly, but the paper can be found here:

Katie and I also have an invited review paper coming out in a special issue Current Zoology focusing on the evolution of phenotypic plasticity. In the paper, we review the research on plasticity in fish swimming in relation to temperature, habitat, dissolved O2 levels and Co2 levels. We also discuss how plasticity of fish swimming performance might evolve and lead to macroevolutionary patterns of diversity. The paper is in press and can be found here:

We’ve also been continuing our research on the interactions of swimming performance and behavior in swordtails and examining the feeding strikes of praying mantises. Both of these projects will be continuing into the Fall, we have a new MS student coming into the lab and are getting ready to continue some of research we started on comparative swimming performance among cichlid species.

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