The Oufiero Lab goes to SICB 2016

Well, its been a while since the last post. Lots of updates forthcoming, new papers, new projects, new students. In the meantime, I thought I’d highlight some of the presentations associated with the lab at this years Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting in Portland, OR.

First up, Katie will be presenting some results from her MS research on the pros and cons of gymnotiform swimming:

P2-193  Tuesday, Jan. 5 15:30  Effects of gymnotiform locomotion on swimming performance and efficiency in knifefish WHITLOW, K.*; OUFIERO, C.E. abstract

A few poster boards down will be Jay Nelson’s grad student Krista, who collaborated with the lab this summer on allometry and repeatability of gymnotiform locomotion. Kelsey who has been helping out in the lab also worked on this project.

P2-197  Tuesday, Jan. 5 15:30  Allometry and repeatability of gymnotiform swimming performance in black ghost knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons) KRASKURA, K*; NELSON, J.A.; OUFIERO, C.E.; RICCI, K. abstract

Matt Van Sant from Cameron University will be presenting some results from the work we’ve been doing on lizards out in OK the past few summers.

98-2 Wednesday, Jan. 6 13:45  Repeatability and Variation in Cutaneous Water Loss at Different Times of Day and Temperatures in Sceloporus consobrinus VAN SANT, M.J.*; OUFIERO, C.E. abstract

I will be presenting some work on praying mantis feeding strikes that was done by undergraduates Tammy, Annie and Angelah.

113-6  Thursday, Jan. 7 11:30  The mantis strikes again: patterns of variation in the kinematics of a praying mantis feeding strike. OUFIERO, C.E.*; NGUYEN, T.; SRAGNER, A.; ELLIS, A. abstract

Lastly, Rachel Mady, who will be starting in our lab this spring, is presenting a talk from her research this past summer at the Mountain Lake Biological station.

111-5  Thursday, Jan. 7 09:15  Nest Identity Crisis: The Relationship between Predator Abundance and Nest Site Selection in the Dark-eyed Junco MADY, R*; GRAHAM, J; LELLO-SMITH, A; PEDERSEN, A; THOMASON, C; GERLACH, N; KETTERSON, E; GREIVES, T. abstract

Fish, lizards and mantises. Lots of cool new work the lab has been involved with. Hope to see you at the meeting.

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