A new semseter

Its a new semester and there is lots going on in the lab. First, we say goodbye to Juliette, who graduated this summer and is off on a road trip. We are working on analyzing and writing up her undergraduate project. Second, we welcome new graduate student Katrina “Katie” Whitlow who comes to us from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. Tim has started collecting data for his Masters and its coming along nicely, despite some equipment troubles. But, that always seems to be the case with physiology. The high speed camera is working well and Tim has some great c-start sequences from fish (see video below). We also have our Loligo Systems swim respirometer that we’ve been getting up and running to be able to measure swimming energetics in a variety of fish.



Sceloporus research this summer was a little slow. I went to OK to again work with Matt Van Sant at Cameron University and we got some great data on lizards from the¬†Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. No collecting in SC this year, as I heard the populations were low in number. Access to sites in MD was tricky, but I’ve got a couple of good ones scouted out for next summer, I just need to remember bug spray to avoid the ticks and chiggers!

And lastly, a project I worked on with my old lab mate Gabe Gartner was recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. This is research we collected in museums (Harvard and Smithsonian) on lizard morphology, with the help of Juliette. I’ll put up a short post on it when it is online.

A busy summer, but looking forward to a new semester.

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