Measuring Lizards Part II: A trip to the Smithsonian

This past week I had the chance to go measure some more lizards at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History’s Support Center. I’m trying to add to some data I already have on Sceloporus, and have expanded to other members of the phrynosomatidae. Juliette came along with me on this first trip, we were trying to fill in some gaps we had in the Sceloporus data and start measuring other genera in the phyrynosomatidae. I’ve never been to the Smithsonian’s Support Center, but it was an impressive and cool place. Very big, lots of research going on in all areas. The collection managers in the herp collections were very friendly and welcoming. We managed to get a few more Sceloporus species measured and started on Phrynosoma, the horned lizards. I’ve only seen these in the wild twice, a baby in Anza Berrego and an adult in the deserts east of Riverside, CA. I knew there was lots of variation in horns due to some previous work, but it was impressive to see it up close and personal. Very strange lizards, but they make for cool photos. Another interesting thing about this collection is the age of some of the specimens. The oldest we saw was from 1896! A lot of the Sceloporus were collected by Hobart Smith on his trips to Mexico in the 30’s. It was cool to see the lizards he describes in his monograph. We got a bunch measured, it was Juliette’s first time measuring lizards, and visiting a museum; and saw some cool lizards. Since I am so close now being in MD, I’m hoping to go back and continue measuring specimens. Below are some photos of the various Phrynosoma.

Photo Jul 22, 2 12 58 PM Photo Jul 22, 2 17 23 PM Photo Jul 22, 2 29 02 PM Photo Jul 22, 2 46 50 PM Photo Jul 22, 3 44 13 PM Photo Jul 22, 3 46 21 PM

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