Building a fish room II: Aquariua.

Well, this seems to have taken a lot longer than it probably should have. But, after several weeks, I finally was able to stock my shelves with aquaria. The problem with buying aquaria to set up a fish room is that you need a lot at the start, and these things do not ship via UPS or FedEx, they ship freight. I was amazed how the truck driver was able to back into the dock, and how relatively simple it was to get this pallet to the fish room. Unfortunately, the pallet did not fit into the fish room, so I had to unpack it outside, cutting through layers of bubble wrap, as students walked by. I got various sized tanks, starting large on the bottom with 33 or 30 gallon tanks, which I already had and will serve as stock tanks. Followed by 4 ten gallons, five 5.5 gallons and seven 2.5 gallons. This allows for stock tanks as well as housing individual fish. How many gallons does this equal? 820. A lot of space. The 10 and 5.5 gallons can also potentially be used to house other organisms such as lizards. Next step, plumbing the air.



The fish room with empty shelves.





The packed pallet, slowly working through adding the aquarium to the shelves.




The shelves filled with aquaria! A total of 820 gallons to be filled with fish and other critters.

IMAG0568 IMAG0571

IMAG0570 IMAG0569









The emptied pallet waiting to be taken away.


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