Giant squid have giant eyes because they’re giant!

Sensory Evolution

Giant squid are arguably one of the most fascinating and enigmatic marine organisms. We just don’t know much about their natural history and morphology at all, and the little that we do know makes them even more interesting: their enormous size, their big eyes (only matched by the extinct ichthyosaurs in terms of absolute size), their preferred habitat at great depth, the epic ‘battles’ with sperm whale (see photo below). Thus, I’m happy to share this new paper with everyone, published this week, providing some more bits of information that may help to improve our understanding of giant squid:

Schmitz, L., Motani, R., Oufiero, C.E., Martin, C.H., McGee, M.D, Gamarra, A.R., Lee, J.J., & P.C. Wainwright (2013). Allometry indicates giant eyes of giant squid are not exceptional. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 13: 45. html

Direct observations of giant squid are very rare (and thus the footage released earlier…

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