Interested in Grad School?

I am looking for 1-2 Master’s students to join the lab in the Fall of 2013. Research in the lab focuses on evolutionary physiology and functional morphology under three specific areas of research. 1) The functional consequences of sexually selected traits, using swordtails and platyfish (Xiphophorus); 2) diversity and trade-offs in functional systems, including swimming performance and feeding performance in fish; and 3) evolutionary physiology of terrestrial ectotherms, focusing on the effects of climate on morphology and physiology of fence lizards (Sceloporus). Research in the lab is integrative and comparative, and uses a variety of techniques including phylogenetic comparative methods, high-speed video analyses, whole-organismal performance, morphological measurements and respirometry. Click here for more information on research in the lab.

Towson University is the Baltimore metro area’s largest comprehensive university, and the Department of Biological Sciences houses up to 30 faculty with diverse research interests. More information on the department can be found here: Support for Master’s students, including tuition, will be provided through teaching assistantships. More information on the graduate school, requirements for admission, and courses can be found at:

The deadline for Fall 2013 admission is March 15th.

Interested students are encouraged to me directly; please include a statement of research interests, unofficial transcripts and GRE scores.

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